Onaka Tsangwane

CEO , Founder - onakap@lotshaonaka.co.za

With a solid background in HR and being currently registered with Henley Business School to obtain her Advanced Certificate in Management Practices Program. Onaka Tsangwane is a natural creative and has extensive experience both in the corporate industry and running her own businesses. Her in- depth knowledge of how to run a business includes but is not limited to Operations business management. Onaka is a self- driven woman who is a seasoned negotiator, an astute communicator and a relentless bargainer. Her energy and positive outlook to life is contagious and she is a highly looked up to figure amongst her colleagues.

Onaka means beautiful in Tshivenda and the CEO of Lotsha Onaka can be said to be an independent businesswoman with a keen eye for the finer things in life. Onaka Tsangwane has been able to come up with this unique concept that she hopes to use to show off her creativity and start a movement towards helping people embrace and dignify our African cultures and heritage.

Leatile Chocho

CMO , leatilel@lotshaonaka.co.za

Leatile Chocho is a graduate and has a BCom double major degree in marketing and management.

She has learned about digital marketing, strategic marketing, project management and strategic management throughout her degree and has a background in both accounting and economics. She has been in multiple leadership roles and will also be playing the role of store manager at Lotsha Onaka.

Leatile believes in creating a working environment that promotes the open sharing and flow of ideas.

Lotsha Onaka will be embracing a market culture where employees will be rewarded for their hard work and efforts towards reaching our business objectives and offering our customers a seamless first- class shopping experience.

She will be bringing something fresh to Lotsha Onaka and finding a way to cater to a larger audience through creative marketing strategies and efforts on popular social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

Thendo Tsangwane

CFO - thendot@lotshaonaka.co.za

Thendo Tsangwane has an Honours in BCom Accounting Science. He is a certified CA (SA) and currently works as a finance manager at Discovery Vitality. Thendo will be bringing his strong background in finances and accounting to Lotsha Onaka through his position of chief financial officer.

Sandiso Mabena

COO - sandisom@lotshaonaka.co.za

Sandiso Mabena is a computer studies graduate that majored in programming. He has 14 years of experience working in the ICT industry and is currently a managed services operations manager for Altron. Sandiso will be bringing his background in managing a team and running operations to Lotsha Onaka to ensure that the day to day running of the business is as effective and efficient as possible.