Mopani Bites – Flavored Mopani Worms


Our edible insects’ products are authentic, indigenous and proudly African. Mopane worms are part of a traditional food staple that our people have enjoyed since time immemorial. As food choices become more westernized, a majority of Africans, particularly children, lose important indigenous food heritage knowledge due to abandonment of traditional food choices. We are committed to making it easier for our customers to make the right protein choice by bringing them delicious edible insects.



Flavored and ready to eat Mopani Bites
Peri-Peri flavored Mopani Bites: perfectly spiced with South Africa’s favorite birds eye chilli and designed to pair well with most adult/alcoholic beverages
Chutney flavored Mopani Bites: sweet with chunks of peaches and is designed with children in mind as a perfect way to introduce the little ones to Mopani worms
Barbeque flavored Mopani Bites: tastes like a happy braai day

Traditional Salted for stewing/relish


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